Helping Hands

Mission Statement

GIMSR’s Helping Hands club seeks to empower students for social service through collaboration and community engagement with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. The club fosters an environment of critical thinking towards compassion, with specific attention to help the underprivileged and educate the society on general medical issues.

Vision Statement

The vision of the club is to do social work to foster optimal health, well-being, serve the underprivileged and to create awareness towards a healthy society.

Club activities

  • The club shall conduct regular social service activities like visit to orphanages, old age homes etc. to do service as required (minimum of one per months – preferably on Sundays or festivals).
  • The Club shall conduct various awareness programs to educate the common man on issues pertaining to health and environment by means of awareness camps, walks, runs, flash mobs etc.
  • The club shall invite students from other colleges in the University to participate in the events which we conduct.
  • The club shall conduct workshops/seminars/talks pertaining to health and environmental issues once every quarter (minimum of 4 per year). These workshops will be conducted preferably on non-working days/hours of the college.
  • Invitation for such workshops/seminars/talks shall be extended to all the colleges in the university and all interested students shall be accommodated to participate.
  • The club encourages students from our college to participate in events of other colleges in the university and colleges in the city (with due permission from the administration for academic attendance purposes).
  • The club shall conduct regular BLS sessions to various sections of the society including colleges, high schools etc. as part of the long-term project of the club.
  • The club shall volunteer to participate in service activities in times of natural disasters, medical emergencies etc.
  • The club shall volunteer to conduct art/literary workshops for students from underprivileged schools in association with the Cynosure club.