Sports club

Mission statement

The GIMSR Sports Club mission is to provide students with a unique opportunity to develop sporting and leadership opportunities, organizational and fiscal management skills in a fun and safe sporting environment where participants can build a sense of community and camaraderie.

Vision statement

Using best practices, the GIMSR Sports Club program seeks to be the leader of its peer and aspirant colleges and one of the top programs among the medical colleges of India, student satisfaction and diverse offerings. Acting as advisors and mentors, the faculty of GIMSR sports club strives to teach leadership through risk taking with appropriate guidance.

Club activities

  • The club shall conduct the annual sports week in accordance with the academic/yearly calendar which shall be decided by the college administration.
  • The sports week shall be in the interbatch competition format, that is being followed currently by the other clubs of GIMSR.
  • The club shall invite students from other colleges in the University to participate in the events which we conduct in a special/guest category.
  • The club shall conduct workshops/seminars/talks pertaining to sports once every quarter (minimum of 4 per year). These workshops will be conducted preferably on non-working days/hours of the college.
  • Invitation for such workshops/seminars/talks shall be extended to all the colleges in the university and all interested students shall be accommodated to participate.
  • The club encourages students from our college to participate in events of other colleges in the university and colleges in the city (with due permission from the administration for academic attendance purposes).
  • The club shall deliberate and come to a unanimous decision for identifying a college sport (the best or the most popular sport among the students of GIMSR) and look into the feasibility of holding a national level tournament of the same involving pan Indian medical colleges.