About Pro VC

Dr.Gitanjali Batmanabane, MD, PhD

Pro VC, GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam – 530045.
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Dr.Gitanjali Batmanabane MD, PhD is the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Medical Sciences at the GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (GIMSR) and stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the realm of medical education and research. With a rich tapestry of academic experience spanning decades with the Jawaharlal Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, (JIPMER) Puducherry and later as Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Dr.Batmanabane embodies a fusion of academic prowess, administrative acumen, and a profound commitment to advancing healthcare paradigms.

As a distinguished figure in the field of medical education, Dr. Batmanabane brings a multifaceted perspective to her role, derived from her extensive background in academiaand research. She has international experience working with the World Health Organization and was the first Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre on training and research on essential medicines and rational use of medicines established in JIPMER. She was Convenor of the Medical Council of India’s Regional Centre for Faculty development Programmes at JIPMER in addition to her role as Head of the Department of Medical Education. A trained pharmacologist, her unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of academic excellence has propelled GIMSR to the forefront of medical education institutions.GIMSR continues to thrive as a hub of intellectual discourse and groundbreaking research initiatives, nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals equipped to address the evolving challenges of information, technology andscientific advancement tempered with empathy, compassion and kindness.

With her steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical education and research, Gitanjali Batmanabane epitomizes the ethos of excellence and leadership at GIMSR and GITAM, driving transformative change and shaping the future of healthcare with unparalleled dedication and vision.