Medical Education Unit

MEU of GIMSR was started in 2015 to hone the skills of medical faculty at GIMSR in the art of teaching. The focus was not just on to produce good teachers but also on developing the complex roles of being mentors, assessors, curriculum designers, facilitators, and role models.

Ever since MEU of GIMSR was established, it has been actively involved in conducting teaching and recharging sessions for faculty, students, and interns. The committee has conducted revised Basic Course Workshops (rBCW), Curriculum Implementation Support Programs (CISP), and sensitizing programs for the faculty members under the aegis of Regional Center for Medical Education Technologies (RCMET), Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam as per the guidelines of MCI/NMC.

Medical Education Unit has also been conducting orientation programs for newly joined interns, first clinical year students and one-month foundation course for I MBBS students as per the guidelines of Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) for Indian Medical Graduate, MCI/NMC.

Further, MEU has been organizing CMEs for faculty and interns with new updates and current scientific trends.

The faculty of MEU are pursuing Advanced Course in Medical Education (ACME) as per the requirements of MCI/NMC, and at present, four members of MEU have completed the ACME successfully.