Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Department was started in 2021. The Emergency Medicine team comprises of recognized and qualified Emergency Physicians trained at various premier Institutes. The Department comprises of 3 bedded Triage, 24 bedded ER, Minor OT, Plaster room, Labor room and 06 bedded fully equipped Emergency ICU. The Department also has an Emergency OT that functions 24 X 7. The Department is well equipped with Multipara Cardiac Monitors, adequate number of crash carts, Ventilators, ultra sound machine with Echo probe, portable X-ray and adequate number of ECG machines.

The first point of contact to a patient is ED and we believe that time and competence makes difference in patient outcome. Our ED specialists are primarily responsible for initiating resuscitation, stabilization and performing the initial investigations and interventions necessary to diagnose and treat illnesses or injuries in the acute phase. The department offers acute care and life saving interventions in Medical Emergencies, Surgical Emergencies, Trauma and Poisonings.


  • To deliver evidence based and compassionate patient care
  • To deliver appropriate care to reduce mortality and morbidity
  • To train undergraduates in the field of Emergency Medicine