Forensic Medicine

Forensic medicine is the application of medical knowledge pertaining to matters of law and it is an integrated approach of all subjects of modern medicine to aid in the administration of justice. The subject of forensic medicine provides the required expertise to give various medico legal certificates and evidence in the court of law.

The department of forensic medicine and toxicology trains the undergraduate students in legal aspects of medical practice including medical ethics & negligence, injuries, poisonings, identification, post mortem examination, management & examination of sexual offences, issuing of various medico legal certificates etc.

The department was established in 2014 and is well equipped with a research lab to conduct various research activities, departmental library with latest medico legal books and journals, modern mortuary, well established museum which includes weapons, firearms, poisons, wax models, skeletal remains, dry & wet specimens.

There is also a moot court in the department to demonstrate court procedures to the undergraduate students. The department actively participates in various state and national medico legal conferences and continued medical education programmes to acquire knowledge in various laws which are applicable to medical profession and their implications during medical practice.