The department of Psychiatry at GIMSR is a full-fledged psychiatric assessment and treatment service, providing the latest treatment modalities, and equipped to manage the most complex of psychiatric illnesses and stress related problems. It has six specialist psychiatrists, with various individual expertise and interests, alongside a team of psychology and nursing staff.

Besides regular outpatient and inpatient psychiatric services, it runs daily specialty clinics such as Child guidance clinic, De-addiction clinic, Memory Clinic, Psychomotor clinic, Neuropsychiatry clinic for elderly, and Senile disorders clinic. Besides regular medication and psychological interventions, it is equipped with the latest treatments including modified Electroconvulsive therapy, Ketamine therapy and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (bio-feedback). It liaises with other medical and surgical departments of the multi-speciality hospital, alongside using the services of its modern operation theatres where necessary. It is equipped with a range of IQ and other psychological and cognitive tests for in-depth case assessment and management. It runs frequent in-reach clinics and camps in the community. It believes in holistic and patient centred care, aiming at not just management of symptoms, but also improvement of the person’s functioning, integration into family, and role in the society.