NSS GIMSR UNIT XVII is the team which stands tall in understanding and serving the society as a responsibility and help those in need.

The main motive and goals of this unit are:

  • Understand the community we love and our relation with the community.
  • Understand the needs and problems of the community and evolve a problem solving process
  • Develop among ourselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • Utilize the knowledge that we have gained to find practical solutions to individual and community’s problems.
  • Practice national integration and social harmony.
  • Develop leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  • Develop capacity and ability to help everyone in need and also in times of emergencies.

Principal , Pro-Vicechancellor, Medical Superintendent, Programme Officer, NSS volunteers, faculty and students of GIMSR work together to identify the problems, discuss extensively and bring out and implement practical solutions.

NSS GIMSR UNIT XVII has been always on their toes to serve and spread awareness. Since 2016 we have whole heartedly and proudly served the needy, organized events, awareness camps and medical camps free of cost and have taken a pledge to do so in future. We also have adopted a few schools (primary school at Marikavalasa, Mangamarpeta High School, Balasadan a Government run Girls orphanage at Bheemili).

World Diabetes day

Since 2016 NSS GIMSR UNIT XVII has been engaging in organizing free diabetes camp and awareness programs every time with new creative ideas from the ignited minds of our students to help people diagnose and educate them on what is diabetes, what are the precautions to be taken and what treatment facilities are available. In 2016 and 2017 on world diabetes day I.e. on 14th of November a flash mob was conducted in the CMR shopping mall, Maddilapalem to attract the attention of shoppers. Evaluation of diabetic risk was done with the help of an indigenous app developed in GITAM. Free blood tests were done to check the sugar levels of individuals. In 2019 lead by Principal Dr. I Jyothi Padmaja , Medical Superintendent Dr. P.Shyam Prasad, Programme officer Dr. R.Ramana Rao NSS Volunteers have organised a walkathon from Kalimata temple to YMCA. Students carried posters, recited songs and poems and raised slogans to attract more and more people. Free blood sugar evaluation carried out for the morning walkers and people in and around the vicinity. Awareness campaign was held on the precautions, diet ,and lifestyle modifications of diabetes. Every year about 500 people are benefitted by the medical camps and free Blood investigations for diabetes.

Dengue awareness camps

Every year NSS unit XVII as a collaborative effort along with Community Medicine Department of GIMSR organises awareness camps to educate people about how to prevent dengue fever, about the signs and symptoms and the treatment and measures that can be taken if any member of the family is affected. NSS volunteers led by principal Dr. I Jyothi Padmaja and Medical Superintendent Dr. P Shyam Prasad under guidance of P.O. Dr. R Ramana Rao reach out every house in the village educating them and assuring them that there is no need of panic in case of emergencies as they can reach out to GIMSR HOSPITAL anytime and avail treatment. Personally each and every family is given a hand-out for do’s and don’ts. People get educated on the role dryness of House holds in the prevention of vector borne diseases.

School Health Assessment and free Medical Camps

GIMSR leadership through NSS GIMSR UNIT XVII set up free medical camps for general health check-ups for the people who are not privileged. Programmes for heath assessment of school students in villages are done to ensure that the students are always in good health and can continue their education without any disturbance. Frequent health surveys are also done. Some of the schools availing the benefits of camps by our NSS team are Z P high school Mangamaripet, Chandram palem basic school, Madhurwada and primary school at Marikavalasa. That smile on the faces of people is really a feeling to cherish.


On 19th January 2017 an eminent spiritual and motivational speaker P Janardhan Raju who has extensively studied Upanishads, Bhagvadgeetha and spiritual vocal music joined us and enlightened on this topic.

After graduation, drawn towards spiritual path Shri Janardhanji extensively studied PURANAS, BAGAVADHGEETHA, SPIRITUAL VOCAL MUSIC- AT SANDEEPANY GURUKUL (presently pronounced as a University) CHINMAYA MISSION, MUMBAI.

The speaker emphasized that Bharath with Vedic knowledge has a important role to play in leading the entire world towards peace and universal brotherhood and this would be possible only when all the youth of the country become proactive, physically and emotionally strong to act with a vision and a mission to suit the needs of the Nation. This would make us succeed in personal, family, societal, and National Responsibilities.

Shri P. Janardhan RajuJi wished all the students a successful and blissful life ahead.

It was really great listening to him.

Adoption of Balasadan

In 2017 our NSS team adopted a Balasadan at Bheemli. We took the responsibility to help the children in that Balasadan. We have arranged regular medical camps for these children and Dr. Harishchandra Prasad a Paediatric specialist extended his helping hand to arrange heath check-up for these children.

Candle Light March for the Martyrs of Pulwama attack

On 17th February 2019 a candle light march was organized in the evening at 6:30pm in the campus for all those brave hearts whom we lost in the Pulwama attack. All the students and the faculty gathered together with the candles, grieved and prayed for the souls of the martyrs.

A free medical Camp for Tribals

On 24th February 2019 at Sarbenapalem, Koyyur mandal where most of the tribals live, a free medical camp was set up and the people were assessed. They do not have access or cannot afford the hefty treatment bills, so NSS GIMSR UNIT XVII took this opportunity and reached out to these people. Every household was assured of availing free treatment at GIMSR hospital.

Celebrating Women and Creating Awareness

On 8th and 9th of March ie. on women’s day a walkathon was organized from Kalimata temple to RK beach. Later on that day all the women faculty of GIMSR were felicitated in the John Hopkins Auditorium. This evening was made special as we had Lt Commodore I.N.S. DEGA as our chief guest. Dr. P Swathi inspired each and every person in the hall with her amazing words.

On 4th Of December 2019 the Pinkathon ambassadors Jyothirmayee and Mr Rana joined us at GIMSR to spread awareness about how each and every woman individually needs to be fit and well-connected among them. This programme was a little more special as it not only educated the girls and women on our campus about their need to be fit but also focused and taught the boys and men of their responsibility and need to respect and support the women of our nation.

Blood Donation Camps

A mega blood donation camp was organized by NSS UNIT XVII as a collaborative initiative, all the other NSS unit P.Os and volunteers of various institutes of GITAM deemed to be University joined and made this event successful. Around more than 1100 blood units were donated to 6 blood banks spread across the city.

70th Constitution day

On 20th November 70th constitution day was celebrated in the GIMSR campus. This was inaugurated by Principal Dr. I Jyothi Padmaja. All the faculty and students of GIMSR gathered together and read out the preamble. Later on Dr. I Jyothi Padmaja emphasized on the need of all the people of Bharath to follow the constitution of India whole heartedly. She also threw light on the historical adaptation of the Indian constitution.

Swatchhata Pakhwada week

20th to 28th January 2020 was celebrated as swatchhata pakhwada week. This week started off with a swatchhata pledge which was taken by all the faculty and students on the campus. Principal Dr. I Jyothi Padmaja threw light on the need and importance of swatchhata in this generation. Then the cleaning of classrooms and hostel was taken up. After this a sapling plantation day was celebrated which was inaugurated by Dr. I Jyothi Padmaja . The entire GIMSR campus was made beautiful and green by planting saplings in and around the campus. Various competitions were organized like talk show on swatchhata, poster making competition etc. all the students actively participated. Finally the event was culminated by a swatchhata rally making people aware and reminding them of the need to keep the surroundings clean and safe.

Distribution of Ration kits

During this pandemic due to the outbreak of SARS CoV 2 a lot of people have lost their jobs due to the lockdown and have faced lots of difficulties. Worst hit were the people of villages. With no source of income the villagers found it really difficult to manage daily requirements of house due to lack of money. At this point GIMSR NSS UNIT XVII took initiative to distribute ration packets to those in need. Dr. B K Durgaprasad, Vice-Principal-Academics, Dr. Y Raghu, Asst. Director-Student Affairs NSS Volunteers of 2015 Batch and programme officer Dr R.Ramana Rao participated. The smiles on the faces of those villagers were priceless. And that’s what the team NSS stands for; bringing awareness and helping those in need to its fullest.

Plantation Drive on World Environment day

On the eve of World Environment Day ie., 5th June 2020 a sapling plantation drive was organized in the GIMSR campus. The event was led by Dr. Jyothi Padmaja. The event was organized by GIMSR NSS unit XVII programme officer and NSS volunteers of batch 2015 student coordinator Roopesh Bheri. Saplings were planted in the GIMSR campus by the faculty and NSS volunteers making the mother earth more beautiful.